Man Slain in Pleebo


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 Grandcess, Grand Kru County- The County health team of Grand Kru on Monday March 13, 2017 officially launched the series 9th of Surgical Outreach campaign in the county.

 The ceremony held at the Rally Time Hospital in Grandcess City saw several stakeholders in attendance.

 Speaking in an interview  with journalist in Grandcess, Senator Dr. Peter Coleman said the initiative is been carried out by the Liberia Surgical outreach program a non-governmental organization that was organized by Liberian Professionals in 2001.

 The Senator stressed that since the establishment of the surgical outreach activities in Liberia, the program continues to provide healing opportunity for people living with Fibroids, hydroceles, Hernia, goiter and other sicknesses that needs operation across the country.

 The Grand Kru lawmaker explained that since the coming into being of the organization they have provided hope to over five thousand people in Liberia.

 He however disclosed that the eight days exercise will targets over 100 persons within the county and will cost about $15,000USD.

 Senator Coleman expressed gratitude to Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) for their financial assistance toward the Liberia Surgical outreach program adding that it does not only demonstrate the company commitment to their corporate social responsibility, but also shows her concern about the livelihood of people within its operational areas.

 The Grand Kru Legislative caucus chairman lauded Liberia Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai for his financial contribution given to the Liberia Surgical outreach program.

 Also speaking in to our reporter, the county health team officer Dr.Augustine Fannieh thanked the Liberia Surgical Outreach team for taking up the challenge to come to Grand Kru and reassured the Rally Time Hospital and the CHT.

 Dr. Augustine Fannieh welcome the Liberia surgical outreach team to the county and praised them for mustering the courage by coming to Grand Kru County a far to reach place in Liberia.

He however pledged the county health team and Rally Time Hospital willingness in partnering with the team in order to bring relief to people suffering from such sicknesses, but challenged the team to extend her arms to other counties in the south eastern region.

 “Sicknesses of such are found in counties like Maryland, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties the Grand Kru County Health Team Officer said”. 

Maryland Supt. Wants more support for the county Health Sector.

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Harper, Maryland County- Maryland County Superintendent is launching an SOS call to partners for the strengthening of the county health sector.

Honorable Betsy Kuoh Toe calls came in a wake of the European Union withdrawal of support it is rendering particularly to the country Health sector.

The European Union through the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as partner has been supporting several components of the county health sector over the years.

The European Union founded projects placed a spot light on mental health, maternal motility, and construction of several District health offices among others.

The Maryland County Superintendent in a meeting with the European Union Ambassador during her recent visit to the county lauded the EU for her support to the people of Liberia through her partners particularly the south eastern region.

Madam Toe lamented that the present improvement in the county health sector is as a result of support from partners the county is working with in order to get things done for the good of the Liberian People.

She said, despite the fact that EU is closing down her support on the many projects she is funding in Liberia, but appeal for the extension of the mental health, maternal motility components of her project.

Madam Betsy Kuoh Toe further stated that the mental health component of the EU program has brought a great change in the county adding that it has reduce the number on mentally aid person who were seeing worming around the streets particularly in the county Capital.

For her part, the European Union Ambassador Tina Italman, lauded the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Partners in Health (PIH) for successfully implementing her funded projects in the south eastern region.

Madam Italman said, the purpose of her visit to the south east was to see with her eyes how far EU funded projects in the region are impacting the lives of the Liberian people and what component of EU project in the county needed keen attention as the program is expected to close in the period of five months.  

 Voice of Truth Radio Gets 250 Watts Transmitter

By George K. Momo (0880303757, 0777758095/


Pleebo, Maryland County- The Voice of Truth, a community based radio station in Pleebo City over the weekend received a 250 watt transmitter.

The 250 watts American built transmitter was donated by Mr. Eric Giko, a Marylander based in the United States.

According to Eric Giko, his gesture was a way of upgrading the station’s capacity by extending its coverage in the county.

Mr. Giko added that he has been encourage to do more for the station, based on the handling of prior donations by the station management.

Mr. Giko told reporters in Pleebo that he in the past provided a 20 watt FM transmitter which the Voice of Truth is using presently for broadcasting purpose.

The former representative aspirant of Pleebo Sodoken Statutory District said, the donation has no political will and that people should not see his gesture as being political.

“I am not a political material in the upcoming election, but will let my people know if a decision is reached to venture into politics he stressed”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Giko has promised during his next visit to Liberia to provide 250 watts transmitter to the Board of Radio Harper to get the station back on the air.

Mr. Giko is however calling on the management of the station to use the transmitter for its intended purpose and calls on the community dwellers, and county authority to provide financial support for community radio stations in the county.

Receiving the transmitter, the manager of the station appreciated Mr. Giko for the donation and promised that the transmitter will be used for its intended purpose.

Dioh Wah is however calling on well-meaning Marylanders to follow the good example of Mr. Giko.

Incumbent Petitioned to contest 2017 Election


Representative of electoral District # 3 in Maryland County has been petitioned to contest the upcoming representative election in October 2017.

The incumbent Representative Roland Isaac Blalu was petitioned by the youth of Glebo Clan on Saturday 4, March.

The youth in their petition statement emphasized that Hon. Blalu has over the years proven his competence in bringing development in the District and has always committed to ensuring that the lives of his people are improved daily.

Glebo Clan Youth Association further said that the petition came as a result of several consultative meetings held with chiefs, women, and youth groups for the representative re-election.

This brings to three the petitioning of representative Blalu by grouping and associations in the District to re-contest for the District seat.

The petition statement of Glebo Clan Youth Association was read by A. Wiah Worslor coordinator of Heawayja Youth Association.

 For his part, Representative Roland Isaac Blalu lauded Glebo Clan Youth Association for the petition, and promised to work in the best interest of the people of Karluway, a District he is representing at the national legislature.

 Man Slain in Pleebo

 By George K. Momo (0880303757,0777758095/


A man identified as John Dennis was on Wednesday March 8, beaten to death in the Zone 4 B community in Pleebo city by angry crowd.

 According to information gathered by our reporter, the deceased allegedly attempted kidnapping a one year seven months old baby.

 The mother of the baby girl only identified as Patience told reporters that she saw the deceased with her daughter and while interrogating him, he dropped the child and tried escaping. She then alarmed calling him "gboyo", causing several passers-by to get hold of him. He was then taken to the zone chairman for investigation but angry crowd took him away and beat him to death.

 Meanwhile, Police in the county are investigating the matter to ensure perpetrators are brought to book.

 Alleged ritualistic activities are said to be on the increase in Pleebo Sodoken District. Recently a security contractor at the Cavalla Rubber Plantation, Mr. Edward William age 47, went missing on 9 February 2017, while on duty. Few days later, his lifeless body was discovered with penis, and both ears extracted.

 Several citizens of Pleebo Sodoken District told reporters that they are now living in fear and want the government of Liberia to intensify security in the area. .Alleged rape suspect set Free

Alleged rape suspect set Free

By George K. Momo (0880303757,0777758095/

 Barclay Ville, Grand Kru County- A pastor of St. Thomas Episcopal Church Rev.T.Koffa Nyemoh has been set free by the 12th Judicial Circuit Court of Grand Kru County after been allegedly accused of statutory rape.

The Judgment to set the pastor free was presided over by his honor Williams Sando resident circuit judge of the 12th Judicial Circuit court in the Grand Kru Capital of Barclay Ville.

The rape suspect has been in jail for over two years for allegedly raping a ten year old girl on December 22, 2015 in Setor Community Barclay Ville City.

Smile and laughter were on the face of the Episcopal prelate when his release was announce by the resident circuit judge on Saturday February 25, 2017.

According to the 12th Judicial Circuit judge, the evidences provided by the state witnesses was insufficient and therefore threw the matter out of the windows thus setting the clergy man free.

Rev. T. Koffa Nyemoh of the St. Thomas Espiocal church in Grand Kru County, was accused for sexually abusing his ten years old step daughter in Barclay Ville, Setor community on December 22, 2015

Rev. T. Koffa Nyemoh upon declared free man, told FrontPage Africa in Barclay Ville that he is happy to be found not quality by the court after hearing into the case many taught was his doing.

The man of God lauded the efforts of his private lawyer Cllr. Thompson Jarpa for representing him in court to ensure that he is set free.

The clergy man maintained that he was falsely accused, because others intended to spoil his reputation to the public and his ministry as a God fearing person working in the interest of God.

For his part the county attorney Daniel T-Kay Dew said he was disappointed over the manner in which the defendant was granted freedom.

He noted that the crime happened with in the family cycle and added that the victim mother who husband allegedly abuse the ten years old girl testified against the state, making it very difficult for the Judge to rule in favor of the States and justice was served he concluded.

National Human Rights Action Plan of Liberia Not Popularized.

 By George K. Momo (0880303757-0777758095/


Harper, Maryland County Two days’ workshop for judicial actors in River Gee, Grand Kru, and Maryland Counties on the implementation of the National human rights action plan has ended in Harper City.

The workshop brought together county attorneys, Superintendents, Gender coordinators, civil society organizations, among others.

 According to the Director for Legislative Assistant on treaty matters and laws of the Independent National Human Rights Commission Nathaniel Solo, the purpose of the workshop is to decentralize the National Human Rights Action Plan of Liberia.

 Nathaniel Solo said, NAHRAL is a five year action plan by the government of Liberia so as to go about achieving and protecting the human rights of citizens and those residing in Liberia.

 He said, the INHR have realized that the action plan has not been popularized and is against this background that the Commission has embarked on a nationwide tour to ensure that the action plan is decentralized.

Speaking to reporter George Momo, Nathaniel Solo said, the National Human Rights Action Plan for Liberia has been in existence since 2013, but the role of the INHR is to monitor to ensure that the plan is implemented.

The two days NAHRAL workshop taught participants what actually the National Human Rights Action plan is and what their roles are as government institutions to ensure that the plan is implemented.

For his part, the City solicitor of Barclay Ville Chris Teah, lauded the Independent National Human Rights Commission for the workshop on the action plan of the government of Liberia.

 The Barclay Ville City Solicitor said, the knowledge acquired from the two days’ workshop will enable him to fully carry on his functions in the county.

 Chris Teah also disclosed that there are several components in the judicial system of Grand Kru County that are not working.

He named the lack of correction center, and the failure of the defense team to visit magisterial courts in the county as issues that are posing set back to the full implementation of their duties and making state prosecutors and magistrates to decide on the faith of some defendants.

Maryland County Authority Conveyed Education Meeting to probe in students’ mass failure.

 By George K. Momo (0880303757/


Harper, Maryland County- A one day education meeting to strategize and put in place mechanism to curtail the mass failure of students in Maryland County has ended.

The meeting brought together Principals of schools across the county, District Education Officers (DEOs), Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Chairpersons, and officials of the local authority.

The one day meeting was organized by the county Superintendent Hon. Betsy Kuoh Toe as part of her intervention to strengthen the educational system in Maryland County.

The Maryland County Superintendent said, she have observed that much has not been heard from school authorities across the county by her office.

She maintained that, it is important that her office and these educational stake holders brain storm to find the way forward to put an everlasting end to students’ mass failure in the county.

The statics of the 2015/2016 West African Examination Council WAEC shows that 836 senior students sat the test and the successful candidates came up to 273 while 564 failed the test.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the county premier high school Babayon Boatue named the act of one teacher teaching more than one schools, student weakness in studying their lessons, teachers not putting time to the high school they are teaching, the overlooking of WAEC test two by students, the lack of test books and library as factors that are responsible for the mass failure of students across the county.

Adding his voice to the Cape Palmas High School Principal was the (DEO ) of Harper District James G. Gaye.

In remarks, the Harper District (DEO)  said the mass failure of students in the county is as a result of teachers not consulting their lessons plan, teachers lack evaluation skills, teachers not qualify, and the early request for  student grades by WEAC as factors also contributing to the mass failure in Maryland county.

At the end of the meeting the Maryland school system said it will liaise with the Dr. Elizabeth Davis Russell College of Education at William VS. Tubman University to provide training for teachers across the county to enable them improve their teaching skills and methodologies.

 The Maryland School system is expected to establish a committee to conduct research on student’s failure and will also establish a community school enhancement program in the county.

Hon. Betsy Kuoh Toe said she will work closely with the County Education Officer (CEO) and (DEOs) as well as Principals and (PTAs) chairpersons to improve the educational system of Maryland County.        

LEITI Embarks on Popularization of Concessions Agreement in the Extractive Sector throughGovernment and Citizen Engagement.

By: Wellington Dennis (+231886920785/0776204466/

The Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative LEITI has ended a two day county tower on the popularization of the concessions and its contracts Matrix signed between the government of Liberia and concessions companies.

The popularization is a pilot project that was supported by the United States Agency for International Development USAID was held in three locations in the county involving students of the William vs. Tubman University, citizens of Pleebo Karluway Districts respectively.

Speaking to the communication officer of LEITI said the intention of this exercise is to make the common and ordinary citizens understand the nature of concessions as concessions are written and signed between government and with so many legal jargons that are not easily understood by majority of our citizens.

Mr. Cedrick kpadeh further stated that these contracts matrix does not represent legal instrument or simplification of concession issues contained in the extractive agreements for the easy understanding of the multiple meaning out of the legal vocabularies stated in those agreements for easy understanding.

 Kpadeh also clarify that the information given should not be used to incite violence against concessions companies but be seen as tool for dispute resolutions….

 For his part the county focal person of LEITI Wellington Dennis is calling on citizens in the county to use the contract matrix in the most positive way in engaging their law makers in the revision of the two concession agreements in Maryland.

Mr. Dennis added that because according to the concession agreements after every five years the concision of the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation and the Cavalla Rubber Corporation are to be reviewed and will need citizens’ participation.